Beam me up Nabisco

We pride ourselves on being an innovative software company, and have many “dreamers” on our staff. Some of them have been busy re-imagining how to improve tracking of the tasks that are essential to accurate partner and shareholder fund accounting.

Workflow – How to Motivate Developers

oreosAs we noshed during a brainstorming session at Penny’s Batcave, one of our team – who had snagged the last OREO and was clearly on a sugar high – said “Wouldn’t it be great if there was an app that would automatically add a line to your grocery list whenever you ate the last OREO?”

A forlorn developer who had missed out on the final cookie said “yeah, that would be awesome; but what would be REALLY fantastic is if you were able to just click on that item and be teleported you to the supermarket aisle where the cookies are kept”.

teleportOver his growling stomach, our lead technologist chimed in that “teleportation is real these days, and we can do that no problem. But what would be WAY cool if that app was intelligent enough to cross-off the grocery list item once you purchase the cookies.”

And thus, a dearth of chocolate and cream-filling sandwiches indirectly inspired our next great Penny feature.

From Food to Feature

With the promise of an unlimited number of cookies when they were done, our hungry dreamers turned fantasy into reality by baking exactly that “magical last cookie” functionality into our new workflow add-on module for Penny:

  1. Penny will create a to-do list whenever an event you specify occurs (such as the creation of a new period).
  2. The automated “to do” list contains all of the steps you pre-define.
  3. Each step automatically opens the related feature.
  4. The system marks each step as complete when the action (such as editing a specific investor) is performed.
  5. We also have a workflow dashboard that allows supervisors to monitor all of the tasks being performed by all the users in the system.

This sort of intelligent system is not something off in the distant future. We have it here. Now.


We also have a conference room full of Oreos, and a development team that is currently researching the merits of the Atkins versus Mediterranean diet. Who knows what will come from that…